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How Does the Earned Day System Work?

Hard work should be rewarded. Too many businesses compensate their employees based on the hours they put in. You could even compare this type of work to “time served”.

However we all know that not every hour is equal. No one can operate at 100% all of the time and some projects are smoother or more challenging than others. We created earned days as a way to reward employees for a job well done.

With EDS we quantify what a standard week should look like and set a schedule with this in mind. When projects are complete on time and to a customer’s satisfaction employees are rewarded with PTO. If for whatever reason a project isn’t completed as scheduled a discussion is had with management on “Why?”. We diagnose the issue and do our best not to let it happen again. If it’s a “controllable” variable our employees will lose their PTO for the week. This system creates accountability within our organization. The PTO can be used to take time off to handle personal affairs and spend time with the family. We believe balance in life is invaluable and rewarding our people with balance helps with focus on the job and results in better outcomes for customers.

A Look at the Numbers

Saving time for something later
Too much work
Don’t have enough money
Feel guilty
Other reasons
Discouraged by boss

Here’s why:
of Americans don’t plan on taking all of their vacation days this year.
Society of Human Resource Management
Research shows that people are more productive when they take breaks, yet many employees are reluctant to fully unplug because they fear doing so will put them behind.

of staff were happier, less stressed (70%) and took fewer days off ill (62%) at companies that adopted a four-day week
Henley Business School

Research shows that people are more productive when they take breaks, yet many employees are reluctant to fully unplug because they fear doing so will put them behind

to 50% burnout rate in workers across most U.S. job fields
Business Insider

of employers said that providing a four-day working week has helped them to attract and retain talent
Henley Business School

Making an Impact

From small startups to established businesses, the Earned Day System has the potential to be transformative. By fostering excellence and work-life balance, organizations across industries are enhancing their value while improving the lives of their employees. But don’t take our word for it – see what employees and businesses have to say.

“I genuinely enjoy using this earned day system as a bonus for my hard work.”

Diego Arcila

“I really appreciate having this system as a financial safety net in case of unexpected emergencies.”

Julian Aguirre

“Having the assurance of being protected when the weather doesn’t cooperate or when I’m not feeling well is incredibly valuable to me.”

Edwin Ciro

“Knowing that I have extra paid time off when I need it is a fantastic motivator that keeps me feeling positive about my work.”

Matt Cullen

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Are you ready to increase productivity while improving the lives of your employees?

Contact us today to learn how to implement the Earned Day System at your organization.

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